Phragmites Eradication Project

More information at Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center (MAISRC)

What is Invasive Phragmites? Invasive phragmites is an aggressive and tall (up to 15 feet) semi-aquatic perennial grass that is not native to Minnesota. It spreads fast via seed, fragmentation, stolons and rhizomes. It was first noticed on our lakeshores in 2019 and CLLA has been working closely with the University of Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Research Center to eradicate it from our area.

What’s the Problem? If left unchecked, invasive phragmites quickly pushes out native plants and takes over shorelines, wetlands and roadsides. For lake-shore owners, invasive phragmites blocks the view and makes water access difficult. Wildlife experiences problems associated with habitat loss.

So far, the Chisago-Lindstrom Lakes Association (CLLA) has identified 89 stands of invasive phragmites on or near Chisago Lake, North and South Lindstrom Lakes and Kroon Lake (data as of September 2022). In the past three years we have eradicated 28 stands. This year the CLLA AIS volunteers resurveyed our lakes found regrowth on 49 stands and identified 12 new stands. These maps show where strands of Invasive phragmites can be found.

North and South Lindstrom lakes
Chisago and Kroon Lakes

What If I Think I Have Invasive Phragmites on My Shoreline? Report possible invasive phragmites at: using this comment form.

A trained Aquatic Invasive Species volunteer will visit your shoreline and take a sample which will be tested by the University of Minnesota. If the testing verifies the ID, the stand on your shoreline will become part of the control plan and will be treated at no cost to you.

AIS Detector taking a sample of Non-Native Phragmites along the channel.

What If I Don’t Want My Shoreline Treated? Lake-shore property owners can opt out of the treatment plan. Opting out means shore land owners will not be able to use Chisago-Lindstrom Lakes Association funding or volunteer efforts to remove invasive phragmites from their shoreline. The waiving of treatment must be done in writing.

Here’s the Plan to Stop Invasive Phragmites. The Chisago-Lindstrom Lakes Association is working with the other area lake associations, the Chisago Lakes Lake Improvement District, the Minnesota DNR and the MN Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center (MAISRC) to formulate and execute a plan to control invasive phragmites.

Funding to pay for the 2022 treatment program will be covered by CLLA Member Dues and a grant from the Chisago Lakes Lake Improvement District.

Our Lake Association is contracting with an aquatic invasive species professional who will begin chemical treatment in late September (the most effective treatment time). The chemicals to be used will be either the DNR approved herbicides glyphosate or imazapyr. We expect the eradication of invasive phragmites will be a multi-year project as more infested patches are likely to be found. We will continue to work with State and local groups to make adjustments to the eradication plan as needed.

What Should Lake-shore Owners Do? First, join the Chisago-Lindstrom Lakes Association. Dues are only $30 and your dues will be used to fight aquatic invasive species in our lakes. Visit to join now.

Please be on the lookout for invasive phragmites and report any possible sightings on our website using this contact form.

Finally, stay informed. To learn more, Google ‘Minnesota invasive phragmites’ and read what the DNR and MAISRC have to say. You’ll also find identification guides on the MAISRC website.

The Chisago-Lindstrom Lakes Association will continue to communicate with members via emails concerning up-coming treatments, etc. and Information will also be posted on our website. So if you are not a member, join today!