Looking for Loon Renters

Loon nesting platforms have been installed on Chisago Lake, thanks to Nolan Huffman.  As a member of Lindstrom Boy Scout Troop 159, Nolan’s Eagle Scout project was to build and deploy three loon nesting platforms. 

Over the last 4 months Nolan found sponsors, researched different platform designs and scouted locations where they could be installed.  He then purchased all of the materials and led his Boy Scouts Troop in building the platforms.

This project has been funded by the Chisago Lindstrom Lake Association (CLLA) with help from Lindstrom Hardware.  Nolan and CLLA volunteers worked with the National Audubon Society and the MN DNR to make sure that the design was functional and safe for the loons and that Chisago Lake was a good place to put them. 

Loons are very territorial.  The nests have to be far enough apart so the males will not fight.  Also, the water has to be deep enough for them to swim to the nest in an area large enough so the loons can take flight.  Loon nests need to be at the water’s edge because it is very difficult for them to walk.    These nests need to be in quiet, protected, hidden spots and the nesting pair prefer to reuse nesting sites year after year.  The lake levels on Chisago Lake change a lot which makes it difficult for loons to establish long term nesting sites.  This Eagle Scout project provides a good option to get loons to nest on Chisago Lake.  A covered floating platform is an ideal location for their nest because it will protect their young from predators including eagles.

If you see the nesting platforms around the lake, please keep your distance from them.  If you get too close the loons can be scared and will abandon the eggs in the nest.

Members of the Chisago Lindstrom Lake Association have taken ownership of these platforms.  Volunteers will monitor the platforms and install/remove them from year to year and have obtained the necessary permits and insurance.  If you have further questions and/or concerns please contact the Chisago Lindstrom Lake Association at clla-lakes.com or on Facebook.