Channel Maintenance starts 6/9/20

The Chisago Lakes Lake Improvement District’s planned maintenance project to facilitate navigation through the channel connecting North Center Lake to North Lindstrom Lake is set to start tomorrow, weather permitting, (Tuesday, June 9th).

The LID has requesed that boats avoid navigating through the channel while project activities are taking place. Thank you for cooperating with their request!

The approved DNR Aquatic Plant Management Permit 2019-3387 (amended) states: The project will cut and remove the vegetation in the channel up to 30 feet wide. No channel dredging or deepening of the channel will take place as a result of this project. Aquatic vegetation will be removed through Olinda Trail and will be deposited at the Chisago Lakes compost facility. This project has been approved by the Lake Improvement District Board of Directors, the Chisago County Board of Commissioners and is permitted by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. The project is being paid for with Lake Improvement District funds.

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