Biological Control for Purple Loosestrife

Members of the CLLA Aquatic Invasive Species committee attended a MN DNR Workshop on how to collect beetles (black-margined loosestrife beetle and golden loosestrife beetle) that only eat invasive Purple Loosestrife. Over the last four years the group has manually pulled these plants from our lake shores.

This workshop gave us the tools and one-year permit to harvest and transport beetles to a local site. Hopefully the beetles we collected and released will like their new location. We want to establish a local colony of beetles that will biologically take care of this invasive plant in our area.

Here are some pictures from the day …

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks to AIS members, Joyce Anastasi, Mary Kay Ripp and Gary Schumacher for their volunteer time!

If you want to learn more about Purple Loosestrife here is a link to more information on the MN DNR website:


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