Lake Level Updates as of May 30th

During high water, please watch your speeds when cruising along the shorelines – many properties are experiencing damage from your wakes.

The Chisago Lakes Lake Improvement District’s Administrator, Jerry Spetzman sent the highlights of today’s (May 30, 2019) inspection:

Lofton Weir.  This weir drains water from Chisago/North/South Lindstrom into Green Lake. According to the Operation and Maintenance plan both the high and low weir control gates are to be open when the water level exceeds 899.2. The high weir was opened on April 19. At that time water levels were not high enough to flow over the weir. On May 9 the Low weir was opened and water is flowing through the weir into Green Lake. The weir will remain open until water levels are lowered to 898.7 at which time the weir will be closed.

North Lindstrom Lake.  A water level gauge is located on North Lindstrom Lake.  The water level elevation at this gauge today was 899.50 (per Chisago County Surveyor calibration).  This elevation is a good representation of the water levels of Chisago/South Lindstrom/North Lindstrom Lakes.  The Ordinary High Water level of these lakes is 900.2.  The lakes are 0.7 feet below OHW.

Paradise Park Weir. This weir is a fixed cable concrete weir that drains Chisago Lake into Wallmark Lake under high water conditions. The weir has a permanent outlet elevation of 899.2. Today the water level is above the crest of the weir.  Water is flowing from Chisago Lake over the weir toward Wallmark Lake.  The estimated water level elevation at this weir is 899.53.

Lake Ellen Weir. The water level at the Lake Ellen weir today was 891.54. This is a good representation of the water levels of Green/Little Green/Ellen Lakes. The OHW of these lakes is 892.5.  The lakes are approximately 1 foot below OHW.  The weir is to be open during the open water season when water levels exceed 891.0. The weir was initially opened on April 10. Water is flowing through the weir into Swamp Lake. Unless downstream issues arise, it is anticipated the weir will remain open until fall.

North/South Center Lakes. Today the water level of South Center Lake was 899.49 (per Chisago County Surveyor calibration). This elevation is a good representation of the water levels of North and South Center Lakes. The Ordinary High Water Level of these lakes is 900.2. The lakes are approximately 0.7 foot below OHW.

LID staff are taking weekly lake level readings on other lakes in the Chisago Lakes area. The DNR calibration process is underway.  Lake level readings will be made public as the DNR completes the calibration process.

The Chisago Lakes Channel & Weir system is being actively managed according to the guidelines established in the 2016 Channel & Weir – Operations & Maintenance Plan. A copy of the plan can be found at:—Operations-and-Maintenance-Plan-updated-June-27th-2017

Since early April, Lake Improvement District staff along with the LID engineer have been conducting weekly inspections of the channel & weir system.  Inspection reports from previous years can be found at

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