Hiding in Plain Sight – Invasive Phragmites

Phragmitres Meeting
Invasive Phragmites Meeting – Thursday, October 25, 2018

Great turnout to hear MAISRC Researcher, Julia Bohnen talk about the non-native Invasive Phragmites invasion in the Chisago Lakes Watershed.  Over 86 sites have been identified in our area and good news is the sites are small enough to be effectively treated. Various stakeholders will be putting together a management plan to be implemented next fall.

Ms. Bohnen described how to identify Invasive Phragmites and provided the following handout:  mnphrag_identification_guide_v6-18

The best time to treat Invasive Phragmites is late August – September using the following treatment plan:  invasive_phragmites_management_recommendations

Here is a link to her presentation: 2018 CLLA Invasive Phragmites Building Capacity.

If you think you might have Invasive Phragmites on your property, please use the comment button to send us a message.  We will be happy to come over and let you know.


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