Our Backyard … our habitat

Note this article first ran in the Chisago County Press on Thursday, January 11th and is being reprinted here to bring attention to the problem …

To the editor: Keep this title in mind as you read this because I really don’t mean to beat a dead horse, referring to the yearly complaints of garbage on our area lakes.

A month ago, on early three inch walkable ice, I personally picked up two grocery style plastic bags of litter, and at the end of the day, without anymore bags available to me, my sled become my garbage container.

Come on people! Can you imagine what the bottom of our lakes look like? And for you who don’t care; Would you allow this in your backyard? Can you or your children breathe inside a plastic bag? Your negligence is destroying the natural habitat and your recreation.

Chisago area lakes are the most popular lakes for all. People come to these waters from miles around. So, I don’t mean to address this article to local residents. I hope we can educate, somehow, whoever this applies to.

Again, I can’t imagine what the bottoms of all these lakes look like. It’s too sad to think about, so I just keep picking up! I hope you do, also.

Let this be a great 2018 and the bottom line should be taking care of our habitat.

Submitted by, Mary Beaudette (Lindstrom)

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